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Compensating Sharon Shoesmith

I’ve spent the last year confidently telling everyone I meet that there is no way that Haringey will settle Sharon Shoesmith’s case. There was such a media outcry over her role and the importance of not giving her a payout … Continue reading

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Are shops breaching discrimination law by selling ‘lads mags’?

In a word – ‘no’. Oops sorry, I need to hedge a bit. In two words –  ‘probably not’ The issue arises because of a letter sent to the Guardian by a number of prominent human rights and equality lawyers … Continue reading

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Dealing with allegations of harassment

Normally I blog about employment law stories in the news, but this post is an exception. For no particular reason I thought I’d share a common question I get when running a course on discrimination and harassment together with the … Continue reading

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Eweida & Co: the Decision

Well the judgement is out and you can read it in full here. It’s actually quite readable as these things go. We will be digesting the meaning and implications of the decision for some time to come. In the meantime, on … Continue reading

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Employers must justify requiring Christians to work on a Sunday (and why that wasn’t the headline in the Telegraph)

Next Tuesday the European Court of Human Rights rules on the cases of Eweida, Chaplin, Ladele and McFarlane. The case is likely to be quite complicated and I plan to read it very carefully and give it some serious thought … Continue reading

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Rights for shares: Responding to the Consultation

Well so far the Chancellor’s new wheeze of letting employees sign away key employment rights in return for some shares in their employer’s business shows no sign of going away. A consultation has been published by BIS and Clause 23 … Continue reading

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Dominic Raab – A final exchange

If you haven’t read the last two posts dealing with my correspondence with Dominic Raab MP, then feel free to pass over this post too. However, once something has started you have to finish it, and this weekend I received … Continue reading

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